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Behind Blo

Sometimes its fun to stop and look back. Tonight is one of those nights. We are releasing our new commercial for BLoFISH Clothing, the world's first gender neutral clothing company. It was a fun project, and one that we wanted to raise the bar on. From my first meeting with the owner, Logan, I knew we were going to make something that pushed the boundaries. David Pendras, the other half of Chronicle Cinema, wrote an amazing script, and I had the privilege of directing the commercial with him.

Early on in the process, I met with director of photography John Matysiak, who I could tell also grasped onto the vision, and I knew was the man for the job. Our crew was small and the budget was tight, so we quickly and efficiently worked through each location, filming 12 scenes in 5 separate locations around the city. It was a long day, the weather was incredible, and we got some beautiful stuff. At the heart of it, the commercial is meant to show that we are all the same, we've all been through some dark shit, but we are better because of it. We are all for all. Or at least we should be.

Watch the commercial here.



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